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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Effective TM Sim Bug 2017 : Unlimited Internet for 10 Pesos Only

Sim bug is a procedure wherein you will subscribe to a combinations of promo to bypass its data and validity or expiration. This 2017, TM Sim Bug offers unlimited internet access for 10 pesos only.

How to bug TM Sim

* TM Sim
* 10 Pesos load
* Android phone or tablet with sim slot
HTTP Injector for Android

1. Text SULITXT5 to 8080. This promo is valid for 3 days.
2. Text COC5 to 8080. This promo is valid for 3 days also.
3. Text JOFOM INFO to 8080.
4. Connect your HTTP Injector, preferably your own EHI Config.
5. Done! and observe the connection for several days.

Disclaimer : This bug may not work for some. And the validity of the bug may vary, the minimum days for unlimited internet is 7 days.

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