When I  first bought my globe huawei pocket WiFi just to get an internet for my study as well as for my social account to keep updated for the latest trends, I didn't even know that there's actually a big possibility that it can be hack by someone else who will try to connect to the admin panel of the device using their mobile phone.

Maybe you are reading this article right now because you really want to know on how you can change the password of your huawei pocket WiFi for security purposes. right?...

Below are the step by step tutorial on how to change your globe tattoo pocket WiFi router.

1. First. Turn on your pocket WiFi.

2. Connect your mobile phone/PC using a usb cable or via wifi.

3. Open your browser and type HTTP:// or HTTP:// and enter.

4. Go to setting.

4. After that a box will pop-up and will ask for your username and password. ( Just put Admin for both Username and Password. It is the default login details of the device)

5. After logging in, Go to setting > WLAN > WLAN Basic Setting> Click on next > Then change your password. and Booms!! You have successfully changed your globe tattoo pocket WiFi password.

If the process are successful it will automatically disconnect your connection. Just Login again using you desired new password.

Note: Make it sure that you are connected to the pocket WiFi router while doing this method failure to connect your WiFi router you'll not be able to make this necessary steps. ( You can simply turn on your pocket WiFi device and then plug in into your PC).

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