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Here are the guide to get your FREE HUAWEI unlock code to open-line your Globe/Smart Pocket wifi. I hope this could help you.

1. Click here

2.  Lo-gin with your current Google Email Account. 

3.  Enter The 15 digit IMEI of your pocket wifi.(Which can be found inside of the device) and the Model number. See the image below.

4. Then tap CALCULATE.

5. You'll be asking to click whether Like their Fb page or by Tapping Google+

6. Then, You will automatically see the code after following their offers.

7. Make it sure! Make it sure! and Make it sure to choose and copy ONLY the NEW ALGO CODE. (using the old Algo code will locked your pocket Wi-Fi permanently. Do at your own risk)

Then it's DONE!! You can use the code to enter as an unlock code to your Huawei pocket wifi.

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