This service is open only for all Globe prepaid subscribers nationwide.
If this is your first time to create your promo using Globe GoSAKTO, don't worry it won't take risk. It's been already tried and tested by many loyal subscibers out there.


1. Globe Prepaid sim
2. Sufficient load balance (depends on the promo you want to create)

Here we go,

Dial *143#
1. Select 1 (for GoSAKTO)

2. Select 1 (to create a promo)

3. Select what kind of promo do you want (Call,Text,Surf,call & text, call & surf, text & surf, call/text/surf).

4.Then choose what type of (Call,text) you want

5. Choose how many call or text do you want or unlimited

6. Select how long do you want your promo valid

Then the price will display automatically then choose 1 to register.

Make it sure to have sufficient load balance to process your request.

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