This new combo is alternative to Globe's GOTSCOMBO70.
Instead of spending Php70 for 1 week, you only get to spend Php47 which is very cheap than gotscombodd70 right?

How to Register to Globe's consumable data allocation for 7 days for only Php 47?
The promo includes :

* 1100MB consumale of mobile data allocation
*50 texts to Globe/TM
* Valid for 7 days
* Php47


1. Text GOTSCOMBOAHD10 to 8888. Just wait for the confirmation message.
2. Text GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8888. Then wait the confirmation from 8888.
Note: If Gotscombokea37 doesn't work you can still try the gotscomboaea39 (Php39) and you're done.

If you want to extend, you only need to register to GOTSCOMBOAHD10 and send to 8888. If you want to check your remaining data just text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8888.

Note: This is only available to Globe subscribers, not applicable to TM subscribers or other networks. However you can still dial *143# to find out the right promo that is best for you.

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