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Internet connection can now be considered as one of the necessity in today's modern life. Mostly, youth are the main users of it.

Today I will share with you a tricks on how you can get a FREE internet connection both on your mobile phone or tablets. Don't worry it's very easy and totally working!


*Mobile device
*VUI Mobile Application (.Apk)
*Globe/TM prepaid sim or Talk 'N text prepaid sim

Info: VUI is a modded Bluevpn.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

If you already downloaded the VUI App, install and open it.

If you are Globe/TM users:
SIM: Globe/TM prepaid

1. Click "Server" or the profile
2. Choose only the server with (globe-tm) in front of the name.

But I would recommend to choose " [J:(GLOBE-TM)-ca1-tcp4" server.

If you are Talk 'N text users:

1. Click "Server" or the profile
2. Choose only the server with (TNT) in front of the name.

Note: For Username: It is set to default (vpnbook).
           For Password: Vpnbook is changing password every week. Don't worry we will give you the  password regularly in our comment box.

In your VUI App hit "free wiki" or (On/Off) button and wait for tthe confirmation message, if no confirmation or data received you can just turn it off then on to refresh.

Enjoy Unlimited internet powered by vpnbook.

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