Before we proceed we need to know what rooting is all about. Rooting is a process of allowing users of tablets, smartphones and any other devices. Rooting an android device will give similar access to administrative permission on linux or any other Unix-like OS such as FreeBSD or OS X.

Rooting an android phone nowadays are very easy. Before, when rooting your mobile device you need the help of the computer in order to process the rooting successfully but today its unnecessary & time taking. There are lots of mobile application out there which allows you to get root access on your phone. However, some mobile apps for that case might not work on some android devices including htc one.

Here are the steps required to root your device.

1. Download this mobile App (Choose what's best for you)

2. Install and launch the Mobile App.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions.
Note: During this process your phone might restart automatically. Don't worry if you're a first timer on this.

4. To check whether your phone is rooted or not, Download the Root Checker App.
5. Install and launch the Mobile app. Open and tap Check now button.
If it shows like this "Congratulations! Your device is now rooted" that simply mean that your phone is now already rooted.

Note: Please be aware that rooting will void the warranty of the device. We are not responsible for any damages that might possibly happen on your mobile phone. Also, be aware that your phone is now open for all viruses, do it at your own risks. 

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