If you are having so many transactions online or even thru offline then you should have an Smart Money Account. It is very useful and safe especially if you have a Smart Money card. Smart Money Card is a debit card  connected to your Smart or  talk 'N text mobile phone number. If you have this Telecommunication network sim, then you can create and link the card. It is not available to Globe/Tm users, however you can also apply for Globe Gcash Account same as Smart Money.

Before, a lot of people created their Account on Smart Money instead of gcash because they do have a Paypal Account online and they use it to verify their paypal account so that they can easily transfer their paypal balance to their Smart Money Account. You can use any ATM to withdraw from your account. You can go directly to any Authorized Smart stations like Smart Padala outlets to deposit and withdraw the balance of your card.

You can use it to pay bills, shopping online, buying E-load, sending or receiving money from your love ones or even from your customer (If you use it for business). Since it is linked to a particular mobile number, whenever you use it online, you would have to activate it first using your mobile phone. It is very helpful for the security of your account and once you're done with your transaction online, you can turn it off so that it can't be use by anyone online for further transactions. But, make it sure that you have a sufficient load balance before activating your card in order to process it  successfully.

When cashing in or converting your money into your Smart money account it's very easy. You can just go to any Smart Wireless centers for over the counter transactions. You can cash-in thru BDO banks as well.

Sending money is very easy too. Just tap the Smart Money at the sim menu and once the process is successful you'll received an Sms from your transaction served as your receipt.

For withdrawal, you can locate any BDO ATM's nationwide. There is a Php 3.00 withdrawal fee that will be deducted into your account.

If You plan to have a Smart Money Card, you can apply thru online, just visit the Smart official website and choose Smart Money. There will be a 7-days waiting period before you can avail the card at their wireless center's. you will need to present at least 1 valid I and  a Php 120 as processing fee.

It is very useful and convenient for small businesses and for personal use.

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