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Friday, April 27, 2018

How to Change Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi Password

Here are steps and methos on how to do it using your smartphones, mobile phone, desktop or laptops. Changing the default password helps secure pocket Wi-Fi from other connected users. Provided here are options based on the specific device you are using e.g E5330, or e5220. Simply check the model of your pocket WiFi by opening the back cover or by going to settings then device information.
Globe Tattoo Pocket WiFi
Globe Tattoo Pocket WiFi Router Page

Method on How to Change Globe Tattoo Pocket WiFi Router Admin Password

1.) Simply connect to you WiFi network and then open your web browser (you can use tablet, smartphone, laptop etc.)

2.) Go to your browser’s address bar and type then type your username and password (default username and password is ‘admin’.

3.) If doesn’t open the web UI interface, you can try or whichever works for you.

4.) Then after logging in, on the admin we page go to Settings

5.) Select the System located on the left sidebar of the page.

6.) Click on Modify Password then on the right side supply your current password and create a new password for your pocket WiFi device.

Remember: Make sure to take note of this password as this will your new credential when you login to your router page.

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