1. Restart your iPhone. You need to restart your iPhone as some applications will require you to press the Home button to get to the Home screen. The problem is - your Home button is not working. Thus, restarting your phone helps you ensure that you will get to your Home screen.

2. Unlock your iPhone. Press the Home button once to get to the lock screen. Enter the unlock code to get to your Home screen without pressing the Home button.

3. Go to Settings. Your iPhone's Settings is the go-to place where you can tinker with some phone settings.

4. Scroll down to the General Settings. Open your General Settings by tapping on its option.

5. Open Accessibility. The Accessibility Options help you have easier and better access to your iPhone.

6. Go to the Interaction. Scroll down to the Interaction section of Accessibility.

7. Tap on Assistive Touch. You can enable and customize iPhone's Assistive Touch here.

8. Turn ON switch for Assistive Touch. Tap on the switch button until it turns green. This will enable the Assistive Touch button on your phone.

9. Assistive Touch button will now hover over your screen. You are done.

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