TunnelCat VPN is a free VPN client for Android that helps users bypass internet censorship. And it's more than just a VPN, it can tunnel data through DNS, SSL, HTTP tunnelling and other methods powered by OpenVPN. TunnelCAT VPN offers free internet for Globe using the network's default APN (Access Point Name) settings.

Android phone or device with sim slot (3G/4G/LTE capable)
Globe Prepaid or TM SIM, no load no promo
Default Globe Prepaid APN (Settings > Cellular/Mobile networks > Access Points Names > select myGlobe Prepaid -
Download and install TunnelCat VPN (internet connection required)

1. Turn on your mobile data.
2. Open TunnelCat VPN app.
3. Open the Settings (gear icon).
4. In the Payload Configuration, select GENERATE.
5. From the dropdown menu, change the Tunneling Method to DNS.
6. Tick the checkbox for Use System DNS.
8. Click the magnifying glass icon and select your desired Server. Some of the servers to choose from: Singapore, Philippines, Netherlands, Canada, United States, Latvia, United Kingdom, Germany, India
9. Tap the center icon in the bottom to go back to the main interface.
10. Tap START CONNECTION and wait until it successfully CONNECTED.
11. Done! Enjoy Globe free internet. You can do unlimited browsing, downloading, gaming especially Mobile Legends and video streaming in YouTube.

Note: Downloading torrent is not allowed.

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