You can easily transfer money from your BPI bank account to your GCash wallet in real time! To do this, you just need to link your BPI Online Banking account to your GCash account.

How to link your BPI Account

To cash-in from BPI, users must first link their BPI account to GCash.
Step 1. Log on to the app, and click the menu on the upper left of the screen. Tap on My Linked Accounts.

Step 2. Select BPI Account and input your BPI Username and Password to link your GCash wallet to your BPI Account.
Once linking is successful, you will now be able to add funds from your BPI bank account to your GCash wallet.

How to Cash In using BPI

Step 1. Select 'Cash In' on the dashboard. Then, under the Online Banking tab, select 'BPI.'
Step 2. Enter the amount you wish to add to your wallet. Then, tap on which BPI Savings or Checking account to cash-in from. When you tap next, confirm the amount for cash-in.
NOTE: You can cash-in up to PHP 50,000 per day.
Newly registered GCash users can cash-in up to PHP 15,000 per day. Keep using the app to increase your daily limit to PHP 50,000 in as fast as 2 weeks.
Step 3. BPI will send an authentication code to your BPI-registered mobile number for security purposes. Select Send Code, then input the Authentication Code when you receive the SMS.
NOTE: Official GCash representatives will never ask for you one time password.
Step 4. Once submitted, you will see the confirmation screen for having successfully cashed in through BPI. This should reflect immediately on your GCash dashboard. You will also receive an email and confirmation text of your Bank to GCash transaction.

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