1. Open your browser (Google Chrome/Firefox) and go to (PLDT Fibr default gateway address).

2. Input the following account information to login in the admin dashboard.
Username: admin
Password: 1234
PLDT Home Fibr admin login

3. Once logged in, you will be landed to PLDT Home Fibr admin dashboard. To change your wifi name and password, just go to "Network". You will manage two networks here, the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band, under the Wlan Settings.

4. Manage the 2.4Ghz network first, go to "Advanced" tab. Enter your new WiFi name in the "SSID Name" field, and enter your new password in the "Passphrase" field. The recommended password format should be minimum 12 alphanumeric characters with symbols and Camel Casing (combination of upper case and lower case characters). If you're not familiar with other values like SSID Choice, Security Mode and WPA Algorithms, it is recommended not to change them. After you've entered your new wifi password and SSID for 2.4G network, just click Apply to save changes.
Change PLDT Fibr wifi password - for 2.4GHz connection

Now for the 5GHz network, go to "5G Advanced" tab, and do the same procedure as what you did on the previous tab. After you've entered your new wifi password and SSID for 5G network, just click Apply to save changes.
Change PLDT Fibr wifi password - for 5GHz connection

5. Done! You can now logout from the dashboard.

Changing the 2 SSIDs and passwords of your PLDT Fibr wireless router is a great safety measure in protecting your entire wifi network. It is also a good practice to monitor users connected to the network. Just login to the admin dashboard, on the Status tab, click Lan Status and select DHCP Clients List, and you will able to see all connected devices in the network.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

1. How to change PLDT Fibr WiFi password and SSID for first time?
For new subscribers/first time users, when you logged in to the admin dashboard via, you will be landed to a first-time setup page, where you will be asked to supply information for the following fields:
How to change PLDT Fibr WiFi password and SSID for first time?

Account Management - enter the default PLDT admin password 1234 in the "Old Password" field (If in case you have previous admin password, just enter it). Then, enter your desired password for the PLDT admin dashboard on the "New Password" and "New Password Confirm" fields. (Recommended password format: minimum of 12 alphanumeric with special characters in Camel Case format)
2.4G SSID1 - enter your desired WiFi name and password for 2.4G network in the "SSID Name", "Password", and "Password Confirm" fields.
5G SSID1 - input different WiFi name and password for 5G network, for identity and security purposes.
To save changes for initial setup, click "Apply".

2. Why can't I access
PLDT Fibr routers have different models/units, there's Fiberhome ONU GPON and Huawei. To access the wifi settings of your router, just follow these simple steps. Press Windows button + R which will open command prompt window, in the input box type cmd and press Enter button. In the cmd window, type ipconfig, look for your Ethernet adapter and find the value of Default Gateway with numeric IP address something like 192.168.X.X. That will be the IP address that you need to enter to your browser in order to access your wifi settings.

3. "Your connection is not private" error occurs after entering
If you encountered this error "Your connection is not private" using Chrome, or "Your connection is not secure" using Firefox, just click "Advanced" and select "Proceed to (unsafe)".
PLDT -"Your connection is not private" error solution step 1, click Advanced

PLDT -"Your connection is not private" error solution step 2, click Proceed to (unsafe)

4. The admin/1234 username and password is not working
See the list of PLDT Default Admin Password and Username. PLDT might change the default admin accounts when they do system update. If you can't still access the admin dashboard using the default admin accounts given, call PLDT hotline 171 using your Smart/TNT phone to ask for the updated default admin username and password.

5. How to reset PLDT Fibr WiFi Password and SSID to default?
If you forgot your wifi password, you can reset it to default. At the back part of your router, you will see a RESET button. Using a pin or any sharp object, press it for 3-5 seconds and wait until it restarts. And you're done with the factory reset. You can see the default WiFi SSID and password at bottom of your router.

6. PLDT modem LOS light is blinking red / no internet connection
To troubleshoot your PLDT Fibr WiFi router, visit PLDT Home Troubleshooting section (, a list of troubleshooting guides for no internet connection, slow connection, power cycle, factory reset and more. For further troubleshooting, you can always call PLDT Customer Service Hotline using Smart/TNT phone, dial 171 to ask for assistance. Tell them that you have problem with your internet connection and they will able to provide solutions or tech visit for you.

7. How to setup PLDT Google WiFi and Whole Home WiFi (TP Link WiFi Deco mesh)?
For PLDT Home Google WiFi and Whole Home WiFi plans, there's a dedicated team or the Home Geek Squad that will setup your network. If you want to personally customize your WiFi password and SSID, see the following tutorials: Setting up Google WiFi and Deco Setup Walkthrough (TP-Link).

source: pinoytechsaga

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