Make sending GCash more fun by attaching photos, videos and more! Simply follow these steps and have fun sending money to your loved ones and friends:  
Step 1. Login to your GCash App and tap "Send Money" on your dashboard.
Step 2. Tap "Send with a Clip" to proceed to attaching a media file.
Step 3. Tap media type you going to attach.
Step 4: Prepare your preferred media file, PhotoVideosAudio file or Themes, not exceeding 1MB file size. Here's how:
Photos: Send photos with stickers, frames and doodles in JPEG, PNG or BMP file format.
  1. Capture your photo or choose from your phone gallery
  2. You may opt to edit or filter your photo with Editor, then tap done once finished
  3. Tap √ to complete photo upload
mceclip5.png   mceclip6.png   mceclip7.png
Themes: Choose from over 50+themes for every occasion!
  1. Tap "Explore Themes" and "See All" to view more selections
  2. Select your preferred them.
      mceclip0.png         mceclip1.png
Videos: Send 10-second mp4 videos for an animated experience!
  1. Record your video or choose from your phone gallery
  2. Tap √ to complete your video upload
     mceclip2.png      mceclip3.png

AudioSend 60-second mp3 audio clips to make it more personal.
  1. Start by tapping the Record button at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap √ to complete your video upload
mceclip8.png  mceclip9.png  mceclip10.png

Step 5: Input the necessary information on the fields provided
Step 6: After inputting necessary information tap "Next"
Step 7: then review the details that you provided then tap "Confirm"
mceclip1.png       mceclip2.png
Note: Money sent with a clip should be claimed by the recipient before it expires after 72 hours upon receipt.