Fix Page Navigation Problems In Your Website - Method 2 - YouTube

In this article I have brought a solution where you can disable ajax to make your number page navigation to work. This tutorial is exclusive only into blogger templates.

Step 1. Sign in to your blogger Account (

Step 2. Click on Templates then Edit html

Step 3.  Type CRTL+ F and locate Ajax Script 
 Like this

function pageNavi(a){(function(e){var i={postperpage:6,numshowpage:4,previous:"« Prev",next:"Next »",loadAjax:true,thumbnailSize:"s400",summaryLength:300};

Step 4. Now locate loadAjax:true or loadAjax:!0 and replace it with loadAjax:false.
I just change true to false in Ajax loader.

Step 5. Now Save Template at the top corner

That's it.

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